Take a Picture it will Last Longer: Nude Phone Pics

Now I have been known to take a bikini shot to see if I am having a good body day- it may be crazy but it is true, but there is no way in this day and age that I am going to snap a nudie and if I did it would summarily be deleted! But I know from watching enough CSI, Law and Order or Criminal Minds that everything deleted is not gone. Frankly I have never been temped to take nude photos of myself, but clearly the urge is almost irresistible, even one is doing it, squeaky clean Disney stars have done it, politicians and A list actresses have done it, reality stars and wannabe’s hoping to create a scandal and become reality stars do it (well that’s kind of understandable, unconscionable but I get it) I am still really perplexed at the celebrities, athletes and powerful people who somehow end up nude in front of and Iphone camera and either send nude pictures to people or store them on computers and phones that have a way of being stolen or hacked. They risk multi-million dollar contracts and endorsement deals when these keepsakes “leak” out. Recently I was so deeply saddened when I saw the video that “Leaked” out of tennis star Serena Williams “Twerking” pantiless in her US Open outfit in front of her computer camera. I had always though of her as classy (even with her on court outburst). WTF is wrong with people? I guess it makes no sense to ask, “Who does that?” because clearly a great number of people are. The latest celebrity phone hacking incident resulted in nude photos of Scarlett Johanssonall over the internet is a just another example of why one should resist the urge to take nude photos of ones self when they are getting out of the shower. It still baffles me that people have not yet learned that taking nude photos of themselves is not a good idea. Have we not yet learned that whether you are snapping racy pics for your current partner, or engaging in sex acts in front of the camera because as Paris Hilton was the first to inform us “everyone does it” is just begging for trouble? You have to keep in mind that you will more than likely break up, or someone will get mad and in a vindictive moment post them somewhere and all of your “secrets” will be on display in perpetuity, or someone might get a hold of your phone and computer and help themselves to your personal artwork. Even people who have had a less then classy entry into the world of fame have fallen victim to the leaked nude photo epidemic. Amber Rose formerly Kanye West’s girlfriend lost contracts when the soft porn photos she took of herself got out. You see, even when the people we sort of expect it from engage in this behavior it has a bad result. Sadly it’s not just kids doing it, both men and women who have long since aged out of such idiotic behavior have been known to snap a photo of their privates. The appropriately named Anthony Weiner let technology and lust get the better of him and in the aftermath had to resign as Senator. Why on earth would someone with so much to lose risk it all, and for what? This is a plea- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, DO NOT TAKE NUDE PHOTOS OF YOURSELF!!!! IT’S NOT CUTE, IT’S NOT SEXY IT’S STUPID AND CLASSLESS- AND WHEN THEY GET OUT EMBARRASSING!