Here we go again… Rumors that Kimora Lee is Anorexic

Ok how hold on a sec, can’t a woman simply slim down without someone accusing her of being anorexic or sticking her fingers down her throat or being a crack addict? Where Kimora looks slimmer, she does not look dangerously thin, nor has her weight loss been extreme – like that of one Leann Rimes. However she might have brought this upon her self if the off handed comment about “not eating” (in the article she says she was misquoted) but let’s not jump to conclusions here. This is a woman who likes her food, and has never, even after being a model and bearing children and gaining weight been outwardly preoccupied with being her teen age weight (neither has her BFF “kiss my fat ass” Trya Banks”

I think we have to be more responsible with our words where it comes to issues like this (and others) the media likes to take any little thing and make it a story, and it is a bit unfair especially when it is not true or you have no proof. Now if she starts looking like a giant lollipop in the next couple of months, then we need to have a chat, but until then, let the lady enjoy her “returning” form!!! reports:
She may be the CEO of fabulosity, but Kimora Lee Simmons says the spotlight takes a backseat these days to more important roles as mother, role model and wife.

StyleList had a girl talk with the 35-year-old diva, who has a fiery response to the rumors swirling around the Internet in recent days, which accuse Simmons of anorexic behavior.

The star says it’s the parent in her that was most offended by the comments, though she personally finds it’s often a no-win situation with the media.

“Six months ago, I was a size 10, and on CNN — CNN for God’s sake — all the news was about how they have to spend millions of dollars retouching ads to make me look thinner. And now this other story [on our sister site PopEater] is throwing sensational salt on me, saying that I’m anorexic!” says Simmons.

[We reached out to PopEater’s Rob Shuter and he declined to comment.]

“That story quotes me as saying ‘I don’t eat.’ Well, I had said, ‘I don’t eat bags of Doritos and cheeseburgers like I used to,’ but the writer ended the quote at, ‘I don’t eat.’ That’s irresponsible reporting. It really upset me because it’s not at all my message, and I want people to know that. I’m first and foremost a mother and a wife, and I’m raising three kids, and I want them to grow up to have a healthy sense of self,” Simmons tells StyleList.