Success is the best REVENGE! Kirstie Alley rocks DWTS!

Well, It was just a few weeks again that Dancing with the Stars’ Kirstie Alley was the BUTT of many a fat joke including the one from comedian George Lopez on his late night talk show Lopez Tonight. see clip. She has had a very public battle with her with her weight for years so I doubt that it pierced a fresh wound, but I have to say that the weeks in the dance studio are not only melting the pounds away, Alley is also getting her groove on! Check out this clip that has her rocking out, and looking fabulous doing it. I think it’s wonderful. Not only does it prove that though you might not become a professional dancer in a year a la Black Swan’s Natalie Portman (yes that was an intended dig) you can learn how to dance and that is a fun, relatively painless way to shed unwanted pounds and get your heart healthy! She looks great, she’s moving and that’s the point.

This can be a direct advertisement for our First Lady’s initiative “Let’s Move” the fight to end childhood obesity. Who can’t put on a tune and dance around the house for a song or 3!! hey you can put Beyonce’s remix to Single Ladies on!

One thought on “Success is the best REVENGE! Kirstie Alley rocks DWTS!”

  1. She look fabulous! I think better than before! Only thing I am mad about is the choice of shoe… lol.

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