In Breaking News: Kim Kardashian’s Butt is real Yawn…

Ok so Kimmie K has pulled a Tyra and x-rayed her butt to prove that she doesn’t have implants. Well ok so we can all sleep better at night knowing that Bin Laden is dead and Kim’s butt is real.

Here is where I stand:
I have to say that Kim and Khloe have helped to create a new space for curvy women to be looked at and considered sexy (in marketing- ’cause we know that in the real world the badunkadunk is truly an asset) what troubles me about Kim is the amount of work on her face that she has had done at such a young age. I can see a nose job ok you don’t like your nose, but using fillers when there is nothing to fill yet (smile lines not lips) or botox before you wrinkle I think that it speaks to a level of obsession. Even though she is a highly accomplished business woman, somewhere she thinks that all she is – is her body (in my opinion – for The Good Wife fans!)
Let’s re-track:
Remember when her sex tape came out and she had to rebuild her image, but Momanger Kris booked her to do Playboy naked…Then the whole time she whined about not wanting to be seen “that way” as she stripped down hung copious strings of pearls around her neck and bit them between her teeth. She kept saying that she was more than her body and wanted to be known for more than that yet she never opted for the cover of Business Woman Today, she was always ass out on somebody’s cover. Once again she chanted her mantra of “I don’t want to be just a body” then posed nude,for the cover of W Magazine, then cried saying “Oh My God I can’t believe this happened again” What is she taking her clothes off while having a black out? It happened again because you did it again, you can’t play victim when you signed a contract to collect check.

I write this to say that where I do think that Kim and her mother Kris are incredible business women, they might have dug their souls a hole. Making your living so intensely from ones looks is not in and of itself is not a bad thing, but when you become a slave to it – that is. When you are afraid to age before you actually are, when you start preventative measures that leave you looking like your own wax figure in Madame Tussaud’s museum, when everything hinges on the physical, so much so that your scruples and morals are clouded, blurred or compromised, When every and any aspect of your life is show and tell, and on sale. When you have to be on in any and all public moments it can take a toll. Everyone fades, all great beauties have their heyday it’s a natural cycle. The ones who can go quietly into the “night” fair much better (physically and psychologically) than those who go kicking and injecting- I mean screaming. Kim I’m glad you booty is authentic, my question is how deep does that authenticity go- and I’m not talking about anything that an x-ray or MRI can catch… You are enough just the way you are.

As an Example- I give you
71 year old actress and still great beauty she was one of the ’70 it girls, fashion and beauty icon- she was a Kim..

Ali Mcgraw!! checkout her Oprah Show appearance, where she talks about self obsession…