My body is not meant to be HIDDEN. Deal with it.~Fluvia Lacerda

You may not know her but Fluvia Lacerda was named Best Plus Commercial Print Model of the Year by Full Figure Fashion Week.

“The fact that I won this award is a major deal and I’m very passionate about my work, mostly because I feel that I represent the body image of many women,” said Lacerda. “I’m not only a healthy woman, but one who wears a size 18 and am confident about it.” ~The Frisky

The Zaftig model with Measurements of: 43-35-48” / 109-89-122 cm. has got it going on and not beacuse she is beautiful but because she reps hard for her set. Here is an excerpt from her blog where she sets the record straight about “skinny jeans”. One of the things that comes across is the fact that she is not only comfortable but confident about in and about her body, and can articulate it.

Fluvia~in her own words…
I’m your typical fiery Leo and as one I suppose a rant would be the ultimate motivator to drag me back to my blog. So bare with me on this rant.

Lucky Magazine big #fail this month. On page 44 the headline for “DEWDROP” also known as “most of us, women with curves” states: ” Your curvy butt and thighs can make skinny jeans a drag. Instead, choose hip-skimming dresses and flashy necklaces that draw the eyes up”.

Now, I personally have an issue with this whole “slimming” claims, primarily because I find it offensively FALSE, insulting to my intelligence and also… well, lets get to the rest of the whys:

1– I’m a BIG chick, with big curves and that’s that. If you intend to feature a fashion story to curvy plus size women do it right, understand the target you’re aiming to, don’t just slap some half assed quality story for the sake of just doing it. We’re no longer willing or wanting to wear baggy clothes (no, really!), which means we don’t have issues with been FAT like past generations did (you do know that plus size consumers are fat right? No, you’re not selling to sizes 8, 10, sorry to burst your bubble…). Curvy plus sized women today KNOW that they can look elegant, cute or sexy, we have finally learned to be happy with ourselves, for real! We actually like flaunting our curves, this hiding business is OLD, boring and annoying.

2–Clothes won’t magically make me look as if I’m 4 sizes smaller, that’s just a fact. I don’t know how many times I have said that out loud. In front of cameras. To designers. At events. At photo shoots. Yes, I won’t shut up about it, get it together people, seriously!! Sadly I see that some still perceive women to be 1– too dumb to buy these tag lines or 2– so blindly obsessed with looking thin that any of those key words will make them run to the shop and buy those clothes? Hmm, yeah, might be the combo of both… not me though, thanks.

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I think she just may be the Body Hero of the week