Summer Intensive 5 week Challenge!

Hello My Lovelies so here is the deal.
To show that you are in leave your name and your 5 “vows” as a comment! And join the Facebook Fanpage that way you will get the updates!
I have compiled some of the post that I think are helpful and inspirational but I want you to surf through the DANCE STUDIO and see what else might be there for you. If you find something feel free to copy the link and post it on the Fan Page letting the others know they should check it out. Good LUCK!
Here is a series that explains the importance od proper pelvic placement and a demonstration of how including exercises!!

Here are some simple concepts that will help you change the way you “think” about “how” you straighten the leg, and some exercises to help you first find the proper muscles to lift the knee cap up- (not back) and then strengthen the muscles above the knee then so that the leg with be strong and secure. I find that it’s best to try to find and connect with these new muscles outside of class where you can really focus solely on isolating the area. In class there is too much to worry about (the combination, the counts, the arms, moving across the floor, trying to turn and jump). These are simple exercises that can be done on the bus stop, while waiting for the train, (and you won’t look crazy!) or when you are just standing around. This way you can put the muscular information into your body when you can concentrate and feel what you are doing. The body will remember and when you do get into class you fill find that the muscles will start to fire almost without thought. It’s also a good idea to add these exercised to your warm up so that you can set up your legs before class to set. Don’t get discouraged, it’s new and seems daunting but the body learns and responds quickly. Stick with it

Hear Erika explain what she felt when she employed the concepts we talked about…

Dancer Madeline Crawford – Her Body Story- (her secret to success- her Dance Journal)
Here is the second installment of the Physical Therapy Tips (search physical therapy- or scroll the dance studio for the first) There is a new one about every 3 weeks!
Dance has no Shortcuts:There is no App for that!

The WORK WORKS (when it comes to changing you body!)

Check out what Dancer/Choreographer Camille Brown has to say, her Body Story is amazing!

search “Camille A Brown” for the 2 other segments

Here is Alvin Ailey’s Linda Celeste Sims talking about Body Maintenance:

Dance has no “Short Cuts”-There’s no APP for That!
The Original GPS, the problem is not your body but your mind!
Get the most out of your training: 5 things young dancers should do to
An Open Letter to My Body
Here are the instructional Videos on how to correct Hyper Extended legs (Harmony!!!)

8 thoughts on “Summer Intensive 5 week Challenge!”

  1. Rule #1 Ask questions whenever I’m not sure.
    2.Focus starting before class until the very end.
    3.Hold stomach in even when I’m not in class. Use my back more.
    4.Go over corrections before class.
    5.Perform even in class.

  2. 1. Do everything I can to take care of my body, so I can be in class everyday.
    2. Think about my core and posture all the time, especially outside of class.
    3. Do my exercises everyday.
    4. Don’t be lazy. Focus.
    5. Commit to trying out all corrections, so I can make better decisions about my body.

  3. 30 Day Challenge Rules:
    1. Come to class mentally and physically prepared: think through corrections & warm up.
    2. Get clarity and precision in combinations.
    3. Don’t be indulgent: hold balances, don’t give up partway through combinations, etc.
    4. Work on adagio specifically: get to correct placement but also use correct muscles to hold leg and then increase height.
    5. Dance and perform the combinations.

  4. My vows:
    1) know the exercise
    2) begin and finish the exercise
    3) Be with the music
    4) Be attentive- no crying, talking

  5. Vows:
    1.) Bringing the corrections on my posture from the barre to the center, pulling up in the lower abdomen, relaxing the front/top of my ribcage.
    2.) Coordinating the arms and legs, by the end I want to get through an adagio and a petit allegro without questioning where the arms should go.
    3.) Paying better attention to where my feet go: when they close in fifth, where the toes are especially in passé/retiré, how I handle weight shifts, and making sure I am on top of the first two toes in relevé.
    4.) Use less muscle. Figure out how to get to the positions only using the muscles I need- especially (now) in the port de bras. No overexertion.
    5.) Dance. Work on approaching combinations in the center as movement instead of as exercises.

  6. My 30 day challanges:

    1.) Focusing
    2.) Taking class like an audition: knowing every combination.
    3.) Crotch ball
    4.) Don’t let my monkey arms go flying.
    5.) Use my stomach muscles

  7. 30 Day challenge vows:

    1. Focus starts even before the class has and follows through till the end of the day
    2. Learn not only the feet of an exercise but also pay attention to what the arms are doing
    3. Work with less muscle
    4. Stretch and do exercises while not at dance
    5. Use my face in class more so I don’t look so dead

  8. 1.Come earlier to class (even 5 minutes makes a difference)
    2.Stretch before class, after class, and on weekends.
    3.Articulate my feet
    4.Clarity in foot work (Closing to fifth, brushing through first)
    5.Be aware of every detail in the combination to make my movement more specific.

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