Plastic Surgeon, Does Daughter’s Boob Job (WATCH)

This could be a follow up on my piece Creating Body Image: When Parents are the Problem. In “The Cutting Edge,” a new episode of “20/20” set to air Friday, 10 p.m. EST. Babara Walters takes a look at the world of plastic surgery, the procedures and the patient of all ages, from the 83 year old woman who decided to have her breasts enhanced to the 18 year old who’s father did her breast surgery.
Now here is the thing, Dr.Michael Niccole has 2 adopted daughter (both 23) and her regularly performed various procedures on both of them, from belly button reconstruction (an Charm at 10 years of age) Rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, lip injections, and Botox for both the armpits to stop sweating (understandable) to facial which for me at the tender age of 23 is just ridiculous. It’s a very strange dynamic, in the clip we see his daughters and a gaggle of their girlfriends in the Niccole’s office as they all wait to be tinkered with. WTF?!

One of Niccole’s daughters Brittany 23, had her breast done (by her father) at 18 to “Build her “self esteem” yes to build her self esteem and she said it with a straight face. Let me say this, TRUE self esteem is not built through a bra cup size! in my opinion for a person with low self esteem it only gives them the assets to create situations and relationships that might end up being more damaging to a fledgling self esteem because it is an artificial sense of empowerment. It’s akin to the “power suit” sure it makes you feel strong when you have it on but when you take it off you are still you. True empowerment is built from doing the internal, personal work, not “having work done” it is not something you implant, or put on, it is something that you cultivate and develop through experience. Just sayin’

In a later portion of the clip, as Niccole’s other daughter Charm settles into her father’s chair putting protective goggles on (preparing for a laser treatment of some sort) she asks coquettishly “Dad how do I look?” and he replies “Sexy” really. I don’t know about you but that’s a bit creepy. Remember when Joe Simpson make the remark about his daughter Jessica Simpson’s double D’s?

Take a look at this clip it looks like this will be an interesting program, Walters is also talking to the Queen of plastic herself Joan Rivers! Take a look.

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