Jonah Hill is the Male Jennifer Hudson

All I have to say is WOW! what a difference. Jonah Hill has seriously reduced! I wonder how he accomplished this intense weight loss, I hope he did it in a healthy as sustainable way. He as been over weight since childhood so I am sure that being connected to his body in this way is a whole new experience for him.

Us Weekly reports that Hill set a goal of losing 30 pounds, and though “he gained weight at first,” as a friend told the magazine, he shed the weight through a nutritionist and trainer. And it helped him really kick tail.

Where the weight loss was for the film 21 Jumpstreet I wonder if he will own the lifestyle change of healthy diet and exercise. I am sure that this will alter his career, as he can no longer play the “funny fat sidekick” this should be interesting to watch, maybe we will now see if he has any chops for the dramatic! You go Boy!!!