What to wear to Sunday Brunch?

Okay, so about couple of weeks ago I wrote a post called Fitting in with the latest trends.

Anyways, This post is my evidence to show how most of the “latest fashion trends” fit one type of body. Teen Vogue has a “what to wear to a Sunday brunch”. They have a slide show showing trends that would look cute and they are cute, but I know some of those dresses/outfits they show like the pearl white floral dress would NOT fit my body nicely, and is not my style. It’s beautiful but in my opinion I’m too curvy for it, I think it would look better on a person with a straighter figure.

However the modcloth dress would be a better cut for me but I’m not too sure about the print

Or maybe I feel this way because of the way I feel about my figure, or it’s a matter of feeling comfortable, or maybe “ultimate” style is your personal style, mixing what’s on trend with what you like and feel comfortable in