Jordin Sparks Bikini Twit Pics

Oh Lawd, I hope this is a unclothed as it gets! ( no leaked nude photos!)

I know that she must me so psyched that she has slimmed down just in time for bikini weather. The worst thing in the world is to not feel good about your body when you are shopping for a bathing suit. She looks good! I think the womanly hourglass figure is so beautiful. I have to say that I am glad today both the waif like, boyish, no hip aesthetic and the zaftig figure, eight silhouette are celebrated in terms of women in the public eye, however when it comes to the Fashion Industry we still have a long way to go. Hopeful the more women learn to appreciate and accept their forms regardless of what end of the spectrum they fall, the more that as consumers we demand to see ourselves reflected in the advertising and marketing!!!