That’s SO Raven!

Wow I have to say these ladies are really pulling it together, J-Hud, Jordin Sparks and Raven Symone, all look incredible these days. I think the most interesting thing is none of them were super big, definitely big by Hollywood standards but by average African American standards they were what is considered “Thick” not in a bad way but in a good and healthy (as far as attractiveness) way. But they are all so young and to be overweight, or more importantly not to have good eating and exercise habits at a young age when you have the propensity to carry extra weight is not good. Culturally Jennifer Hudson hit the nail on the head when she said that at her heavier weight she felt normal because all the women in her family and around her looked like that. Albeit just because something is common doesn’t make it a good thing. ( Raven is giving you a bit of Nicole Ritchie now huh? what with the hair color and jaw line and all)

Then My mind goes to the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin, and how she has recently lost a great deal of weight and reformed her diet and exercise regime, and not only does she look great (which actually should be considered the inconspicuous benefit to eating well) but she might have extended her life by getting her body in balance internally and externally, while no doubt improving the quality of the life she is living. Keep up the stellar work sisters!!! We’re proud of you!
Aretha before:

A healthier Queen!!: