Julie Chen Had Eye Surgery to look “less Asian”


Julie_SurgeryOk so the other on the show the Talk Julie Chen made a confession that I suppose was meant to be shocking. She admitted that at in the early days of her career at 25 and a reporter for a local station in Ohio, her agent told her that she would have to do something about her eyes in order to work in front of the camera. You see Julie CHEN is Chinese and her hooded eyes apparently made her look… Asian..

well here is what she said he said…

“‘Let’s face it, Julie, how relatable are you to our community?’” Chen relayed. “How big of an Asian community do we really have in Dayton? … On top of that, because of your heritage, because of your Asian eyes, I’ve noticed that when you’re on camera, when you’re interviewing someone, you look disinterested and bored because your eyes are so heavy, they are so small.’”



Ok, Let’s get real her eyes were just the start, she looks like she had her nose done as well…

Now I have nothing against a person getting a nip and a tuck, that is a person’s personal choice, and I do understand how it was a culturally conflicting issue for her however  I want to make 2 points:

1) Don’t cop to an eye job, present it as a cultural conundrom and then in the end be fine with doing to and the results! At the end she says it got her career in front of the camera going! So what are we really talking about?

2) Don’t cop to having eye work done and COMPLETELY gloss over the elephant (with a big trunk) in the room, and that is you GOT YOUR NOSE DONE once or twice!

Clearly this just about a story for the show… something to chew on….I mean half the people in show business (Black, White, Asian, Jewish, Persian) get there noses done whether they “need” it or not.

Ugh I’m over it. what about you