Just a thought

I was walking my dog when I passed this advertisement on a bus stop kiosk, and I was thinking, “God I wish I was that my waist was that small and fed into my hips that way” and then I mentally shook myself and remembered what I do (here) and self corrected. I reminded myself “She probably doesn’t look that way in real life” nothing against the model, but referring to the airbrushing- the waist nipping, light enhancing, color correction that happens to most (if not all photos) before they reach us, the public. I suddenly felt better, like I could see that the Emperor did not have new clothes at all, I got that is was all in the mind, what we choose to believe to be true. And then I thought “Wow what if all women could do that, walk past the billboards and instead of feeling inadequate, about not being that, realized that what they were coveting didn’t really exist? Wouldn’t we all feel much better?” I know I did, and so I extend this exercise of sorts to you. When ever you see a photo in a magazine or billboard that has you wanting to look like that, just remember that all of it is not real, that she just like you has flaws but they have been erased, she is not “perfect” and neither are you and so therefore you two have more in common then you would think.

It’s just a thought.