A Mother giving her 8 year old Daugther Botox? WTF!

Britney Campbell is an eight-year-old aspiring pageant queen whose mother injects her with Botox to remove her “wrinkles” on Thursday Britney and her mother Kerry spoke to Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer about Botox, leg waxing and the Beauty pageant circuit.

Now I don’t know where to start with this one. All that comes to mind is that this is the reason I started a forum like this. This is utter madness! What eight year old has wrinkles, or even thinks about having wrinkles? What mother would entertain such an idea and instead of telling her child, “You are fine, you are beautiful and perfect just as you are” reinforces that idea by filling a syringe with Botox and shoots a child up? Kerry says that this all started because of her daughter’s participation in child beauty pageants, wouldn’t you think that once the child came back with a head filled with worries far beyond her years that she would pull her out of them and put her in soccer? Could this be some sort of Body dysmorphic Munchausen syndrome by proxy? I was dumbfounded as I watched, and listened. I wonder what will happen to this woman now that she has gone on national television with the admission? Whoa too scary!