See Catherine Cabeen and Company at Joyce Soho May 12-14

Catherine Cabeen and Company are about to begin their 3 day run at the Joyce Soho Theater located at 155 Mercer Street. It is something not to be missed!
Personally I have been a fan of Catherine Cabeen’s dancing since I first saw her with the Bill T.Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company. Statuesque, and strong, with a liquid torso and hatefully gorgeous feet, she ate up the space and yet left enough room for others. There was a poetry in her movement and yet she was never apologetic about her size, or her beauty. For the past three years Cabeen has been based in Seattle (I’ll let her tell you how she got there) where she started her company that it is on every level a collaborative, not merely between her and her dancers but with visual musicians, visual artists writers, and technical artists. The results, in my opinion, are captivating, her physical instrument is already so incredible to watch, but her architectural use of it, and the space surrounding is what draws your eye in. Her collaborations with other artists have created a complete visual and audio aesthetic that is well worth seeing. I interviewed Ms. Cabeen and was even further taken when I found her to be both an intellectual and physical task master, whose creations are layered with ideas ranging from language, gender, space, philosophy and evolve out of a genuine craving for exploration. Check out some of here work below

Meet Cathrine Cabeen!!

What’s on the Program for the Joyce, get the inside scoop on the works Cathrine has brought to the Joyce Soho Theater

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  1. Very Well put Theresa; Catherine Cabeen is a force like no other. It’s always such an honor to work with her; aspiration to the fullest!

    Paulo T.

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