Kirsten Dunst talks about her body “I don’t have any real body issues…” in ELLE

Kirsten Dunst graces the cover of the September issue of Elle Magazine, and apparently this is the only “issue she has. Frankly it’s nice to hear of  an actress who is secure in her body even when a role requires that she shed her clothes. She even talks about her snaggle teeth, and her ability to embrace them and the fact that they (especially in the veneered world of Hollywood) set her apart.

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On going naked in “Melancholia”:

One of the surprises about Melancholia is Kirsten’s curvaceous body. She is naked in several scenes and as Von Trier refuses any form of retouching or airbrushing, surely it caused some anxiety? ‘I trusted everyone and the lighting was beautiful. I didn’t work out beforehand, it was all very natural. I don’t have any real body issues. I never really overeat, I shed weight in the summer, put it on in the winter and yes, I do have big boobs. People don’t realize because I cover up a lot, but they are there. Big boobs.’ She shrugs and smiles.

On her teeth:

‘I love my snaggle fangs,’ she laughs. ‘They give me character and character is sexy. People comment, but the only person who ever told me to fix them was my mom. Mothers are always like, “Wear lipstick, put on rouge!” They can be s****y about that stuff because they love you. I just went my own way, like daughters do.’

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