Meryl Streep: The Queen of Transfromation! see her her Margret Thatcher

I have long been a fan of actress Meryl Streep, and for obvious reasons she is one of the best actresses of her generation. One of the most amazing thing about her is her ability to utterly transform herself. Actors and actresses are challenged with transforming themselves into characters, often it takes more than wardrobe to do that sometimes accents are required, often they have to learn a whole new skill set, firing a gun, speaking other languages, medical or scientific jargon, dancing, playing a sport or gaining or losing weight. We have seen both men and women, train their bodies to look like dancers, navy seals, couch potatoes, concentration camp survivors you name it. It takes an immense amount of discipline to take on a particular physical appearance and acquire those skills and perform them as if they have been doing them all of their lives. Sure they get paid the big bucks for their efforts but the point is that is that is is achievable. It got me to thinking,if an actor or actress can transform themselves, then why can’t we as everyday people?

What makes it possible for them to transfom? Actors have a clear goal and intention as to what they are aiming for, we have seen Renee Zellweger plump up to play Bridget Jones and Adrian Brody slim down for his role in The Piano, Linda Hamilton was uber buff for Terminator 2 and Angela Basset got ripped to play Tina Turner. Sure they all had a support team complete with trainers and nutritionist but isn’t it possible that we with a gym membership and a dream could do the same thing? They have to do it because it’s their job, but can’t we do it because it’s our lives? Do we not, with clear intentions, a plan, and consistency have the capability to transform ourselves? No we may not ever be the picture we have of our ideal self, but we certainly move closer to what it is that we desire.

It’s just a thought….

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