Modcloth live up to it’s motto “Real is Beautiful” by featuring Employees in New Swimwear AD


Real Is Beautiful! The online retailer goes one step further then not photoshopping their ads by featuring several employees with diverse body types in their new swimsuit campaign. The six women (of different races and body types) model six different styles of swimwear and look fabulously authentic doing it. The campaign will runĀ  on the website, appear on its blog and will also be featured in Modcloth’s style stories. This illustrates the company’s philosophy to represent a more realistic image of women, and speak directly to their customers who no doubt look more like their actual employees than any “average model. They are not the first retailer to pluck employees from their various stations to be the faces (and bodies) of their brand, American Apparel featured employees as well, albeit their scantily clad (often pubic hair baring) Lolita types made most viewers feel skeeved out dirty for looking. It was hard to see the clothing through theĀ  pedophilic innuendo. Modcloth gets it right, in these women we not only see ourselves, we see our sister, aunts, best friends and daughters. It feels like a celebration of femininity and womanliness, not a vulnerable, victimized representation of barely legal girls.


“Being on the larger side of plus-size, I was really excited about this opportunity. I’m an apple shape, which is not something I see everyday in the media. I know it takes a lot of courage to get in front of a camera in general, but to get in front of one knowing that not a lot of people have represented your body before is really exciting,”

says Ingrid Taller an employee turned covergirl.Allison Franks was pregnant at the time of the shoot she remarked:

“It was definitely hard for me to make the decision as the pregnant one. My shy self immediately said, ‘No, I can’t do this.’ But Modcloth supports its customers for who they are, and I’m proud to represent that,”











What if find refreshing about seeing these women in the ad is that as a woman you no longer have to engage in mental gymnastics of the imagination to see if you would look good in a style, as you might see your body type be it apple, pear or peanut (hour glass) right in front of you. The retro inspired suits are fun, flirty and sexy while offering (to those who desire it) coverage over what some might consider “problem” areas.


My motto is, support things, that support you! Modcloth supports the “real beauty” of women, without changing who we are or what we look like. It is a brand that is acknowledging and celebrating the wonderful diversity that is found within us. It tells us that we are enough, and we are perfect as we are!!! Thank you…

o-MODCLOTH-570In this record breaking winter season we are enduring on the east coast this year, take some time to dream of the summer to come, peruse Modcloth and get a jump on summer.