Salma Hayak on Heroines via Net-a Porter

One of My Body My Image’s favorites spoke to Net-a about what make a woman a heroine. She speaks of the strength that women have, especially the often unsung heroes that head households and raise children.o-SALMA-HAYEK-570












It was so touching to here that she feels her daughter Valentina has the attributes of a heroine in the making…

The stunningly powerful and elegant 48 year old mogul and mother told Net-A-Porter’s The Edit this about her body and her image:

“I never exercised my whole life, but now I do yoga. I was always borderline chubby, because I like my food and, frankly, I like my wine. I have to say, I’m pushing 50 but I feel great. I looked worse in my youth! I’m in good shape right now.”


Haha, I knew I liked her for a reason, I loves my wine!!! and my food!!! I also have to personally concur and say that now in my 40’s I feel like I have never felt better. 40 doesn’t have to be “the new 30) for women (and men) the permission to feel fabulous, 40 is just 40, and it’s fabulous, and like wine it only gets better if you treat yourself with Appreciation, Acceptance and Respect. It’s nice to see that the concept of aging for women in America is slowly beginning to shift. It is no longer seen as a a slow painful death, a diminishing of a woman’s light, but we are beginning to see that our lights can burn more brightly and the wisdom and knowledge that we have culled through our experiences on this planet can be an asset, it can also make us even more sexy and appealing. Salma Hayak is one example of that!!!