Natlalie Portman FINALLY response to SwanGate!

Here is what Portman said about the controversy when E entertainment interviewed her on the press junket for her new movie Your Highness:

“You know, I, it’s it’s….um…I know what went on. We, we had an amazing experience making the movie and I don’t want to tarnish it by entering into nastiness, because it’s such a positive thing what we get to do. We get to create things. I feel so lucky to be part of that, and um, I’m so proud of everyone’s work on that movie and my experience. And I’ll have that forever. And and and and and it’s important for me to remember that no matter what nastiness is going around.”

humm is nastiness code for the T’ruth? Could she have squirmed or stammered more? She was shifty and not just in her seat. you would think that an Academy Award winning actress would have given a better performance. Clearly I’m team Sarah!!! what do you think?

2 thoughts on “Natlalie Portman FINALLY response to SwanGate!”

  1. She didn’t really answer the question. Alot of ugliness but no answer. Obviously Sarah!

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