Even 1940’s Pin Up Girls were subject to “Airbrushing”

We may think that electronically shrinking waistlines and thighs, removing winkles and changing the color or background of a photo is something of our generation but women have been being “enhanced” for years. Times have changed these models posed for photographs that were then redrawn for the poster versions, the result is still the same, slightly unrealistic. When you look at them you realize that this may have been even harder core, sometimes their facial features, hair color as well as their body shapes were augmented for the final produce. However it is clear that through the eras the concept of the female hour glass form, that thing Susan Scafidi, director of Fordham’s Fashion Law Institute talked about (in the Sara Ziff film on fashion week) the preferred body type regardless of size had a .7 hip to waist ratio is very true and illustrated here. It’s mind blowing!!! check them out.

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