Esquire Magazine has just named Katrina Bowden of 30 Rock fame as the Sexiest Woman Alive
Now I’m nit going to hate but I am trying to figure out who was voting and how this conclusion was arrived at?
I think that she is perfectly lovely young lady and even like her on 30 rock but the sexiest woman alive?
I find it curious since she looks to me to “barely legal” in age as opposed to womanly. She is the fresh faced high school graduate that no suburban woman in her right mind would hire as a babysitter, or the lead cheerleader that every girl wants to be and every boy wants to get with under the bleachers (do people still so that?—well there is 16 and pregnant so I guess so but perhaps the location has changed).

Her slight frame to me does not scream womanly or sexy, but that’s just me. So what does that say to we women out there? What is sexy and why? I also find it curious that the character that she play is that of the beautiful but clueless air head who is the sexual fantasy of all the men in the office. We have come a long way from the days where actual adult women (adult looking women) were crown with the title as the top of our gender. Again not to take anything away from Katrina (you go girl!) but I am casting a suspicious eye at those who came to this decision.
what do you think?