Nina Davuluri Is Miss America 2014 Oh yeah and she is Indian…

Miss America winner Nina Davuluri

It still amazes me that as a country are so quick and proud to say that we are “The Land of the free and the home of the brave” we are a melting pot, the land of opportunity, a country of immigrants and yet when someone that does not look like what the media has marketed as “American” people lose there minds. Nina Davuluri is the first Miss American of Indian decent to ever be crowned. It is a milestone, as was the first African American, Asian or Latina woman to hold that title. In fact it is almost a milestone when a brown person from anywhere other than Texas can claim that title!!! What is disturbing (but I hate to say no surprising is the hate and ignorance poured out towards this young woman, who is am American born and raised, who is just as proud of her country as anyone of us- so much so that she desires to represent her/out nation by wearing that crown. For people to  call her a terrorist, saying her crowning was a slap in the face to the memory of  9/11 and calling her Miss. Al Qaeda.

It so incredibly ignorant and asinine Americana a famous for being bad a geography but come on- India is in no sense in the Middle East!!! it is not Iraq, Iran, or Afghanistan.  Did they mistake her Bollywood dancing as belly dancing… or did they just see her brownness, her features and profile her through fear and bigotry?

By the way she was born in Syracuse, New York and having lived in Oklahoma and Michigan, Nina Davuluri is the first ever Indian American crowned Miss America.

She is Beautiful, Intelligent and Talented and represents America far better then some of her country men represent her!!!

Walk and Wave girl Walk and Wave!!!