Spring Cleaning: Eating Raw Week 4 (Video)

Well I have made it through a solid month eating raw, and I have learned a lot about the diet and myself. This a was a big week as I learned how to make some really delicious meals that whether raw or not I would choose to eat, including a veggie Collard Green Wrap, and Raw (veggie) Sushi. So I feel quite accomplished. Hear about when I tried to buy some Raw Bread!!! Note I said TRIED. I will of course be updating you all on my raw food findings and I still what to chat with my good friend Eva Mueller  about her experience with eating raw (our schedules just did not sync up during these last 2 weeks)  so here is my video update, enjoy!!!!

My Collard Green Wrap:
Shredded Beets
Almond Mayo
Yellow Squash
Sun Dried Tomatoes

The final result, I don’t think I took the time to take a better pic because I was so dang hungry lol!!




here is my Veggie Nori Sushi (the ingredients are different but the process is the point:
Sliced Avocado
Yellow Squash
Marinated Mushrooms
Tahini Sauce
Nori Seaweed Sheet
This was my second attempt!!
you see it’s can’t be but so hard, I did it!