Spring Cleaning: Eating Raw Week 3 (VIDEO)

Ok So Week 3 is down and I am excited to keep going. There have been some interesting developments. Now I know I promised you a cocktail every check in but I don’t have one this time, sue me! but I have some recipes that might suit your fancy. OH I “cooked” up a storm this week!

Here are what I am calling twice steamed veggies:

Thinly slice one medium sized beet and potato.
Bring your steaming water to a boil and then turn it off place steaming tray on top and cover, let it sit for about 6-10 mins. if the slices are tender (not soggy) you are good to go, if they are a little “al dente” then repeat the process. Take the tray off, bring water back to a boil, turn it of replace the tray but this time throw some spinach on top! Steam for about 6 mins, and then serve, season to taste I used some Bragg’s Liquid Aminos and pepper.









This is my Mushroom Burger, (note, I modified a bit did not soak my almonds, just ground them up in the food processor) on a bed of steamed sweet potatoes (delish)








and again on top of a bed of spinach and sliced tomatoes.

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  1. Theresa your skin looks fantastic& your face looks thinner – must be working!!! You are soooooo crazy!!!!! xoxoox

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