Spring Cleaning: Eating Raw! VIDEO

Ok it’s almost that time of year, where (for us East Coasters) it’s too early to put on a bathing suit it’s time to shop for one. We all know how the change of season makes us want to clean house, and purge our closets well we often want to start to undo some of the damage we did to ourselves during winter. I always want to emerge looking as if I had spent my winter in a warm place where I had done nothing but work out instead of the reality which has me on the couch with a bag of pretzels watching reality television.

So I am taking the matter in hand, I have been juicing in the morning for about three months now so I was sort of prepping myself for the full monty of going raw(ish). I’m hoping to slough off the sluggishness of Winter and jump start a healthy Summer season. If you are a Raw Foodie send me some tips to making eating raw yummy and exciting!

Here is my “True Blood Juice”

3 Stalks of Celery

Hand full of Kale

Hand full of Spinach

1 Small Beet

3-4 Small Carrots

1 Cucumber

Makes about 2 cups of Juice