“What lead [sic] us to establish that thin is beautiful and that thinness is the aesthetic code we should follow?”

This is the excellent question posed by none other than Franca Sozzani the Editor in Chief of Vogue Italia at when she spoke at  Harvard last Monday on the topic of eating disorders along with Arianna Huffington (of the Huffington Post) and Victoria Secret Model Doutzen Kroes. Sozzani continued :

“Why the age of supermodels, who were beautiful and womanly, slowly started decreasing and we now have still undeveloped adolescents with no sign of curves? Why is this considered beautiful?”

These are very good and relevant questions. One that should be seriously examined. Another one (that is one of the tenets of this blog) Why is it that most women hold a concept of beauty that often times excludes themselves?

I have to say that I am a huge fan of Ms. Sozzani, and I love the fact that she is the is the head of a fraction of a major fashion magazine. I feel like with he r passion and dedication to the cause, we might actually start to see some change!

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