Street Style From Fashion Week Milano

So It is Fashion Week in Milano, and the streets are teeming with the uber-fashionable. (click here to see more images) gives us a taste of what the editors, buyers, and people in the industry are wearing. I decided to post a few pics of some of the models on the street just to give you a taste of what the bodies are looking like this season. Now you have to remember that Vogue Italia Editor in Chief Franca Sozzani has been very out spoken about the websites promoting anorexia and the too thin models that grace the pages of fashion magazines (including her own). But judging from the streets Skeleton frames are still en Vogue… What do you think?

Franca Sozzani Editor in Chief of Vogue Italia

3 thoughts on “Street Style From Fashion Week Milano”

  1. I personally think that some of these women may be unhealthy but others may very well be simply thin naturally. I just started following this blog and as a naturally skinny girl that struggles with my own body image I really hope this isn’t what your blog is about. Bashing anyone over their size, weight, shape, or features is wrong. I’m well aware that these women are setting an unhealthy example for some, but for others, like me, it lets me know that I’m alright the way I am too. I for one think everyone is beautiful as they are…and if I could gain weight and be curvy like Kim Kardashian I would, if I could have a perfectly shaped nose, big eyes and pouty lips, a luscious body, toned arms, and sultry legs…I would. But I can’t achieve any of that, much like many women can’t achieve the look that these models have. Neither is “ideal” and nothing is right for everyone. Again I agree there should be variation and everyone should be represented, but please don’t put down one group to make another feel better. I myself have been called a “skeleton” called “scrawny” and been told to “eat a flipping cheese-burger”. I come from a family of small famed women and there’s nothing we could do about it. Don’t name call, it simply lowers you to the very thing you are fighting against.

  2. Looking at these women, reminds of when I had anorexia for 9 years. Yes some women are naturally skinny (lucky them), but from my own expert experience, most are not – or at least only for a few years when they are young and growing fast. You can usually always tell – their heads and facial features will look disproportionately large in comparison to the rest of their body. It is actually very sad if you knew the mental hell that these women go through if they have this disease. Unfortunately many gay male designers have no appreciation for a womanly body because they do not find that type of body attractive. I am still slim but also fit and I no longer beat myself up if a size 10 doesn’t fit. Who cares – are these fashion designers and the women who slavishly starve themselves to wear their clothes, going to pay my bills or kiss me good night at night? Of course not – these people do not matter. Enjoy the beauty of their designs but adapt them to suit you. I would urge all women to be proud of their bodies and be confident no matter what your shape. Love you all, Louisexx

  3. Louise I completely agree, especially about what you said of the male designers (actually a great deal of the fashion industry hair, make-up, stylists, photographers, bookers etc.) are gay men. It would great if one day we didn’t need to segregate beauty (Black, White, Latina, Asisan “regular” “Plus Size) and that rainbow of diversity could be found integrated on the same pages… we can hope we can try but until then I think that we could never support something that does not recognize or support us as we are!!!

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