The Rules of Food Combining a Raw Food Must

Ya learn something new every day.

So my good friend and photographer Eva Mueller is a raw foodie and hipped me to this today. It is all about how foods combine with on another to aid digestion and the assimilation of nutrients into our body. The foods you eat together should basically take the same amount of time to be digested, hence they can also be eliminated at the same time. So the foods that metabolize quickly when combined with foods that take longer have to wait to be eliminated, and if it can’t be digested it starts to ferment in your system. Not sexy. So here are the Moses like tablets that are the commandments to combining.



Experiment with these food combining techniques and see if you notice a

The table below shows some basic food
categories in a raw food diet. The basic rule
is to eat from one category at a time.

Some categories can be combined and still digest well while others should be avoided.
Some Basic Rules:

  • Always eat melons alone. Melons combine with almost no other food.
  • Drink ALL juices alone.
  • Fresh fruit should be eaten alone or on an empty stomach. It’s best to only combine fruits from their own category.

Papaya Good Combinations:

  • Acid Fruits AND Sub-Acid Fruits.
  • Sub-Acid Fruits AND Sweet Fruits.
  • Starches AND Vegetables & Greens.
  • Vegetables & Greens AND Proteins.

RAW Food Categories and
Approximate Digestion Times

Melons & Juices
(15 – 30 Min)
(1.5 – 2 Hrs)
(1 – 1.5 Hrs)
Sweet & Sweeteners
(30 – 45 Min)
Cantaloupe Apples, Sour Apples Agave Nectar
Honeydew Cranberries Apricots Bananas
Juices Grapefruit Berries Berries, Sweet
Watermelon Grapes, Sour Cherries Cherries, Sweet
Wheatgrass Juice Lemons Dates Grapes, Sweet
Legumes, Sprouted Limes Figs, Fresh Honey, Raw
Oranges Mangos Molasses
Pineapple Nectarines Pears
Plums, Sour Papaya Persimmon
Pomegranite Peaches Yacon Syrup
Strawberries Pears
Strawberries12345 Tomatoes Unspr



(2 – 3 Hrs)

Vegetables & Greens
(2 – 2 Hrs)
High Protein

(4+ Hrs)


(3 – 4 Hrs)

Avocados Artichokes Blue-Green Algae Avocados
Beans Asparagus Dried Fruit Coconut Oil
Brown Rice Beets Legumes, Unsprouted Flaxseed Oil
Carrots Blue-Green Algae Mature Coconut Hemp Oil
Corn Broccoli Nuts, Raw Olive Oil
Grains, Sprouted Brussels Sprouts Olives Olives
Jicama Cabbage Seeds, Raw Safflower Oil
Legumes, Sprouted Cauliflower Sesame Oil
Parsnip Celery Sunflower Oil
Potatos Chives
Squash, Winter Corn, Raw
Sweet Potatos Cucumbers
Turnip Eggplant
Young Coconut Green Beans
Leafy Greens
Sea vegetables
Squash, Summer


  • Lemons and Limes combine with Starches, Vegetables & Greens, Proteins, and Fats.
  • Avocados combine with Sub-Acid Fruit.
  • Cucumbers combine with Fats.
  • Tomatoes combine with Starches, Vegetables & Greens, and Fats.

Other Tips:

  • Chew all food as thoroughly as possible before swallowing. We assimilate only foods which are the most liquified.
  • Cold foods, including liquids, inhibit digestion, so keep that in mind when adding ice to your drinks!
  • Soaking nuts releases enzyme inhibitors, making them more digestible.
  • Use what works for you! These food combining tips aren’t set in stone! Everybody is different. Listen to your body!