Khole K. Odom talks Body Image on Ellen

Let me just say that if The Kardashians were on that Italian cruise ship that sank and I could only save one, it would have to be Khole. Yeah sure she does the annoying baby voice like Kim, (Kortney not so much) and she participates in the family antics, I mean business by televising her “so called life” ,but some how you feel that out of all the sisters Khloe is the most honest, direct and sensible one, she seems to have boundaries (clearly she did not get them from her mother) and even though she is the youngest of the older three girls she seems much more mature and, “normal”. She has harbored the brunt of the negative side of being on the public eye with her appearance constantly under attack.

She is greatly taller then her sisters (like a whole person taller) and bigger (boned) she does have the “Kardashian booty” – and she catches flack for not looking like her sisters. Perhaps it is the fact that (even though she is the taller) she has lived her life in the shadow of her older sisters that has given her that edge, and gravity (albeit in a Kardashian way) that makes her a lot of people’s favorite or least annoying of the Klan. This clip of Khole talking to Ellen speaks volumes!


ok not to start a rumor or anything but when I saw this clip, the way that she is holding her hands over her stomach and adjusting her shirt makes me think…..well you know, but I didn’t say it