Spring Cleaning: Raw Food Diet One Week Update (Video)

Week one down! and I have to say it hasn’t been too bad, I do miss the warmth of cooked food, and my snacking is all but non existent, but it shows me how much I snack, I have so much time on my hands now! lol Seriously I totally saw how much WHEAT I eat, pretzels, and crackers, mainly I love a cracker and some cheese…alas a thing of the past! here is the article on the bio engineered wheat.



Ginger Puss Drink:
Now this drink is really to taste, ginger is very strong so unless you like it . You might want more puss than Ginger, using the spicy root to give the traditional lemonade a a boost, or you might want to go there and have the Ginger be the Star! I’ll leave it to you. Either way here’s what it is:

Ginger, Lemon and Agave Nectar all to taste!
Juice both ginger and Lemon add water and Agave Nectar.
To jush it up try a twist of lime and some mint (and let me know how it is, I haven’t tried it yet lol)


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