Vintage Zooey Deschanel- at 17 she penned this letter to Vogue Magazine- Just another reason to love her!

I adore Zooey Deschanel I think she is authentically herself in her personal style and in the roles she takes on. Well back in 1997 at just 17 years, old fed up with the images in Vogue Magazine she penned this letter imploring them to expand the idea of beauty. How insightful and courageous of her as a young woman who no doubt felt left out an not represented by the images looking back at her. The greatest thing is that they published it! It might be from 1997 but sadly the issue is all to current:

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“Why would you want to limit the spectrum of beauty to an “ideal” when you, as a popular womens magazine, have the opportunity to expand it? I don’t think any woman should have to feel as if she needs to shove herself into an “ideal” to be beautiful. Beauty should be something that is celebrated and something that is enjoyable, not something that people should feel uncomfortable about achieving. Most of the women, and certainly most of the adolescent girls, in the United States do not feel completely secure with themselves, especially with their appearance; is insecurity something you want to advocate? As American women, we don’t need discouragement, but inspiration.”

Where the magazine printed it they however did not take heed!